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5 reasons to use natural skincare products

    Skincare and cosmetics are part of most people’s daily routine. Whilst you may choose your products based on their marketable features such as anti-ageing, pore-refining, whitening, brightening, softening, repairing, the list goes on, have you ever thought much about the chemical ingredients in those products? Here we list 5 reasons to use natural skin care.

1. What goes on also goes in.

Your body absorbs what you put on your skin and the fact is you wouldn’t choose to eat these chemicals, so why put them on your skin? Avoid the chemical-laden stuff and you’ll soon realise the benefits of natural skincare.

2. Toxic load.

Every day the average woman applies up to 200 chemicals on her skin through cosmetics, perfume, skin care products and hair care products. We are exposed to a vast array of toxins and chemicals every day that build up in our bodies and contribute to our toxic load. Whilst the body has an effective detoxification system, we can easily overload it if we don’t become mindful about reducing our chemical and toxin exposure.

3. Better for the environment.

Chemically based products can have a negative impact on our environment. During manufacture, the majority of the chemicals will end up in the air and water and let’s not forget what we wash down the drain during our own personal use. These harmful ingredients will end up in the soil and waterways and can harm microorganisms and sea life.

4. A natural alternative.

Only a small percentage of chemicals used in skin care have safety data. There are also many chemicals still used that other countries have banned due to safety concerns. Ingredients such as parabens, triclosan, and phthalates all have research showing they are harmful to our health. Whilst choosing natural skin care products does not guarantee you won’t have a reaction, they are less harsh on your skin and are tolerated by most people.

5. They work better.

Most natural skin care products contain nourishing antioxidant ingredients that your skin loves rather than chemicals that can potentially cause free radicals that can further age your skin. In the long run, you’ll reap the benefits of using natural skincare.

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