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About Us

Our Mission

Aura Ranges mission is to help and support people with their skincare routine or any skincare issues they may have, by inspiring them to move over to using 100% natural, high quality, earth-friendly, sustainable products. To help them rid the toxins and chemicals from their system, which may have been absorbed from using some ‘mainstream’ products. 

The Story Behind Aura Ranges

Kathryn, the owner and creator of Aura Ranges skincare products says:

“In 2003 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. After going through months of Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy, I became very passionate about NOT using chemically laden products on my skin. After much research, I also now know that a lot of chemicals and other nasties, used in a lot of skincare products have been medically proven to cause cancer, allergies and other reactions to the skin & body and that it is a recognized fact that our body absorbs significant amounts of the toxic chemicals that we put on our skin”


“Back then, I struggled to find very few commercially available products that were truly natural, I took to making my own products to ensure their purity, and there my passion for natural skincare products grew”.

Aura Ranges is a small family business whose goal is to reshape the consumer product landscape and redefine the consensus of what makes a good and natural product.

Established in March 2011, Aura Ranges offers a Skin Care range using only 100% natural ingredients.

“My wish is to educate and help others to reduce, or better still, eliminate the use of those skincare products that are not healthy for our skin or our systems in general”. 

Google Customer Reviews
Angela WilsonAngela Wilson
11:03 31 May 22
I have used Aura Ranges for over 10 years now and is a staple in my household. My skin loves these products and feels soft, smooth and alive after every use. My teenage children love to use these products and I know they are safe for their delicate skin. I am so glad I came across these products and asked Kath about how best to use them for my skin type, she was very helpful. The best part of my day is doing my night time routine with my Aura Ranges products.
Sara HallSara Hall
03:08 30 May 22
This skin care range is absolutely amazing! Kath has such a wealth of knowledge to guide what would suit best my very sensitive skin and finally I have found a range that works for me! No nasty chemicals just beautiful ingredients that has given confidence in my skin again!
Diana BrighamDiana Brigham
02:50 15 Mar 22
I absolutely love these products! Since using Aura Ranges Natural Skincare my skin is hydrated, glowing and toned! I would never leave my house without foundation before and now I hardly ever wear any!
Abby MarshAbby Marsh
23:46 28 Nov 20
The rose water toner mist is amazing! After washing my face I sprayed it on. Wow my skin is so soft! And the smell is just Devine! Amazing product Kath..... Abby Marsh
Lisa CarrLisa Carr
09:09 23 Nov 20
Natural, gentle skincare, made with love locally.. Aura Ranges skincare leaves my skin feeling squeeky clean, fresh and hydrated. I love how few ingredients are used and how natural and nourishing the ingredients are. The owner, Kath, is a pleasure to deal with and is so passionate about no tox skincare. A no brainer.

We are Proud Supporters of Local Businesses!

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